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Snow Leopard and Lion Server Installation and consultancy

Apple Snow Leopard & Lion Server Software consist of an integrated suite of services that run on Apple hardware.

These applications provide a very wide range of network services from File Sharing and centralised Users Accounts through to eMail and Web site hosting.
EvEnt offers the choice of both Servers as some features available in Snow Leopard are not available in Lion, and vice-versa.

Call now on 0800 - 0188102 for a no-obligation, no-pressure technical discussion of your needs.
We will be happy to assist and guide you through some, or all of the stages of a succesful Server installation.

For full details of the technical features and benefits of OS X Server click here.

EvEnt has over 21 years of experience in Apple server technologies, and 10 years experience in OS X Server deployment.
With EvEnt as your Apple technology partner, we can guarantee that as an Apple Authroised Service Provider and ISO9001 accredited company that we will provide an installation and support service that is second to none.

  • Founded on Unix for Security
  • 64-Bit Power
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Supports Failover for Resilience
  • Can be Installed in a Day
  • We can train you to Administer
  • Supports Remote Backup
  • Remote Support and Admin.
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Snow Leopard & Lion Server will run on a variety of Apple Hardware.

The choice is a balance of performance, scalabiliity and budget.
Call us to discuss your needs, and we can propose the best choice for you on 0800 - 0188102.


Mac Pro

  • Hi-Power, Cost effective
  • Expandable & Extendable
  • Can act as a Server and Workstation
  • Can start small, grow large


For more technical detail and technical specifcations, or for a demonstration and no obligation discussion about your needs, call us now on (0800) 0188102.


For more technical details from Apple's Web Site Click Here.